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Technical Field of TESCO

Mainly surveys of intellectual property rights regarding:

Electric/electronic machinery (small- and large-scale)
Medical equipment
Optics technologies
Chemical technologies.
Patent searches are also available in a wide variety of other fields.

TESCOTESCO is a specialty company with a 38-year history that conducts patent searches regarding intellectual property rights. We conduct patent searches, technical literature searches and other technology-related information searches (patents, literature, trademarks, products, corporate information, etc.) in Japan, China/Asia, Europe, and the United States.
 At the present time, the Japan Patent Office has accumulated 55,000,000 unexamined patent publication bulletins, patent gazettes, and other pieces of patent-related information. By examining this technical information, we can know what sort of technologies exist and how those technologies are developing, and subsequently avoid similar, pointless research and technical development. It is also useful for examining the directionality of research and technical development. In recent years there have been many disputes regarding intellectual property rights, and this information is also helpful in avoiding these disputes.
At TESCO, we want to fulfill our clients' various needs regarding technology-related searches, and provide accurate service at a modest price. TESCO is in close proximity to the Japan Patent Office. We take orders for single bulletins on up. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or for a consultation.

Scope of Inquiry
・ Patent and utility model search
・ SDI (Selected Dissemination Information)
・ Trademark search
・ Design patent search
・ Non-patent literature search e.g. Technical report, Journal etc
・ Company name search
・ Product search
It is possible for TESCO to search not only patent searches but also abroad and old product searches. The order and delivery are done in the abroad, and the products are delivered in your hand via TESCO.

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