Strategies - JP patent search

JP patent search

Search strategies

1) Full Manual Search

This is the craftsman-like search method that has been in continual use since TESCO's foundation. For a full manual search, instead of using keywords to narrow down search results in a particular patent classification, a researcher goes through the material by hand, page-by-page, to conduct the search. The Japanese language has three forms of literation - Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana – asnd compared to English, there are many more words, and many ways to express a single meaning. There are also many technical terms and special terms not used outside of patent specifications. Because of this, searching with Japanese keywords tends to cause the patent you are searching for to slip through or get filtered out, more so than with English keywords. This is not a problem with a full manual search. With a full manual search, a Japanese searcher with an understanding of the search theme reads through patents in all related fields, making sure that nothing slips through. TESCO is located near the Japan Patent Office, and our researchers conduct their searches in the search offices there.Japan Patent Offoce
In recent years, the number patent search-use databases has grown, even within Japan. We have several high-caliber databases in our own offices as well, but to this day we continue to receive orders for our trusted full manual searches from large-scale domestic electronics manufacturers, semi-conductor manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, and more.

2) Database Search

We use keyword-based searches to look through patent databases, and then search through the hit result information.
This is a useful search method if you have a precise keyword and want to search through a wide range of patent classifications, without filtering out specific ones.
Aside from patents, full manual and database literature searches are also possible.

Databases in use:

[CKS Patent Web]
Possible Search Range 1986-
Keyword searches have been possible since 1994

[Joho Information Systems]
Possible Search Range 1971-
Keyword searches have been possible since 1983

[IPDL (Industrial Property Digital Library)]
The Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) offers the public access to IP Gazettes of the JPO free of charge through the Internet.

[MicroPatent database]
We can provide you with US or any other foreign country’s family patent information of the results of JP patent search, by MicroPatent database.

Technical Literature Searches

1) Full Manual Search

We search through literature falling under the category of the search subject at the National Diet Library and the Tokyo Metropolitan Library.
TESCO is located 5 minutes from the National Diet Library, and 10 minutes from the Tokyo Metropolitan Library.libraries
Searches of literature from public agencies, regional libraries, research institutions, and universities is also possible.

2) Database Search

JICST database(Japan Science and Technology Agency)

3) Interview Search

We also conduct face-to-face interviews with researchers, university professors and inventors to gather information.

About SDI (Selected Dissemination Information)
By regularly checking up on the newest patent application public release bulletins, publication of examined applications, and register bulletins, and maintaining case-by-case supervision over domestic and international technological trends, we will capture the target of your order perfectly.